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CAADRIA. The Association for Computer-Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia
Awards: Award Recipients
  1. Best Paper Award
  • CAADRIA 2015: Daegu [KR]
    • [The Best] Jaclyn K. Sun, Geoff Kimm and Suleiman Alhadidi: Generative Architecture in DLA Space
    • [Runner-up] Daekwon Park, Juhun Lee and Alejandra Romo: Poisson’s Ratio Material Distributions
  • CAADRIA 2014: Kyoto [JP]
    • [The Best] Atsushi Takizawa, Yushi Miyata and Naoki Katoh: Enumeration of Floor Plans Based on Zero-Suppressed Binary Decision Diagram
    • [Runner-up] Norman Hack, Willi Viktor Lauer, Fabio Gramazio and Matthias Kohler: Mesh Mould: Differentiation for Enhanced Performance
    • [Runner-up] Nicholas Senske: Digital Minds, Materials, and Ethics: Linking Computational Thinking and Digital Craft
  • CAADRIA 2013: Singapore [SG]
    • [The Best] Tsung-Hsien Wang: Tessellating Freeform Surfaces with Boundary-driven Analysis
    • [Runner-up]Felix Raspall, Matias Imbern and William Choi: Fisac Variations: An Integrated Design and Fabrication Strategy for Adaptable Building Systems
    • [Runner-up]Ayodh V. Kamath: Digitally Designed Architectural Form-Built Using Craft-Based Fabrication
  • CAADRIA 2012: Chennai [IN]
    • [The Best]Markus Manahl, Heimo Schimek, Emmanuel Ruffo, Calderon Dominguez and Albert Wiltsche: Ornamental discretisation of free-form surfaces: Developing digital tools to integrate design rationalisation with the form finding process
    • [Runner-up]Kody Kato and Hyoung-June Park: Toward a performance-oriented architecture: An integrated design approach to a real time responsive structure
  • CAADRIA 2011: Newcastle [AU]
    • [The Best]Akira Wakita, Akito Nakano, and Michihiko Ueno: SMAAD surface
    • [Runner-up]Seongki Lee and Ludger Hovestadt: Complex adaptive residential quarter planning using multi-objective optimization
    • [Runner-up]Stanislav Roudavski and Anne-Marie Walsh: The Headspace Project
  • CAADRIA 2010: Hong Kong [SAR]
    • [The Best]Ben Coorey: Scalability: parametric strategies from exoskeletons to the city
    • [Runner-up]Flora Dilys Salim, Hugo Mulder, and Jane Burry: A system for form fostering: Parametric modeling of responsive forms in mixed reality
  • CAADRIA 2009: Yunlin [TW]
    • [The Best]Sheng Kai Tang and Wen Yen Tang: Calligraphic Brush
    • [Runner-up]Yuan-Yu Liao: Some Phenomena of Analogical Thinking in Design
  • CAADRIA 2008: Chiang Mai [TH]
    • [The Best]Shun Watanabe and Yu Nishikawa:Production method of accurate 3D Urban Models with digital photogrammetry
    • [Runner-up]Christiane Herr and Justyna Karakiewicz: Towards and understanding of Design Tutoring
    • [Runner-up]Cheng-an Pan and Tay Sheng Jeng: Exploring sensing-based kinetic design for responsive architecture
  • CAADRIA 2007: Nanjing [CN]
    • [The Best]Chien-Jung Lo, Liu Ming-Nan, et al: Play with parts and joints – digital design supported by rapid prototyping
    • [Runner-up]Jules Maloney: Screen based augmented reality for architectural design: two prototype systems
  • CAADRIA 2006: Kumamoto [JP]
    • [The Best]Marcel Botha and Lawrence Sass: The Instant House
    • [Runner-up]Yuji Matsumoto, Michitaka Kiriki, Ryusuke Naka and Shigeyuki Yamaguchi: Supporting Process Guidance for Collaborative Design Learning on the Web
  • CAADRIA 2005: New Delhi [IN]
    • [The Best]Halil I. Erhan: User-System Interaction Design for Requirements Modelling
    • [Runner-up]Sambit Datta: On Recovering the Surface Geometry of Temple Superstructures
  • CAADRIA 2004: Seoul [Kr]
    • [The Best]Ih-Cheng Lai: Framework for Case-Based Reasoning to Support Idea Association In A Brainstorming Session
    • [Runner-up]Mitsuo Morozumi: Assesment of the use of 3D-Viewing and Mark-Up Tool for Rich Network Design Communication
  1. Best Presentation Award
  • CAADRIA 2015: Daegu [KR]
    • Yuki Nakama, Yasunobu Onishi and Kazuhisa Iki: Development of Building Information Management System Using BIM toward Strategic Building Operation and Maintenence
    • Andrzej Zarzycki: Video Game Narratives: Beyond the Gameplay
  • CAADRIA 2014: Kyoto [JP]
    • Sabri Gokmen: "Tangle Jungle": An Experimental Project to Combine Collaboration and Craftsmanship in Digital Design Pedagogy
    • [Runner-up] Hyoung-June Park, Raymond Yeh and Rebecca Ahlers: A Future Scenarios Based Computational Framework for Campus Planning
    • [Runner-up] Zeynep Bacinoglu and Sema Alacam: A Context Based Approach to Digital Architectural Modelling Education
    • [For Non-Native Presenter]*Chen Zhong, Stefan Müller Arisona and Gerhard Schmitt: A Visual Analytics Framework for Large Transportation Datasets
  • CAADRIA 2013: Singapore [SG]
    • Joerg Rekittke: Open to Ridicule – Deploying Plaything Technology for 3D Modelling of Urban Informal Settlements in Asia
  • CAADRIA 2012: Chennai [IN]
    • Alexander Pena de Leon: Rationalisation of freeform facades: A technique for uniform hexagonal panelling
  • CAADRIA 2011: Newcastle [AU]
    • Kazjon S. Grace, Rob Saunders and John S. Gero: Applying interpretation-driven association to design domains,
    • Marc A. Schnabel and Yingge Qu: Digital manga depiction
  • CAADRIA 2010: Hong Kong [SAR]
    • Hafizur Rahaman and Beng-Kiang Tan: Interpreting digital heritage: considering the end-user’s perspective
    • Annalisa Meyboom: ROBO studio: Toward architectronics
  • CAADRIA 2009: Yunlin [TW]
    • Anthony Burke: Competing “Intelligence”
    • Heimo Schimek, Milena Stavric, Albert Wiltsche and Otto Roeschel: Parametrics of Movable Polyhedral Models in Performative Architecture
    • Michael A. Ambrose: BIM and Comprehensive Design Studio Education
  • CAADRIA 2008: Chiang Mai [TH]
    • Michael Ambrose: Representation and Re-Presentation
  • CAADRIA 2007: Nanjing [CN]
    • Halil Erhan: Usability and effectiveness of RABBIT in requirements modelling and generating
    • Ning Gu: Designing within design
  • CAADRIA 2006: Kumamoto [JP]
    • Anandan Swathika: Architectural Animation and Cinematic Interpretation
    • Bimal Balakishnan: Multimodal VR Environment of Architectural Design (Re) Presentation
  • CAADRIA 2005: New Delhi [IN]
    • Jia-Yih (Joy) Chen: A Context-Aware Home for Child-Minding
    • Verdy Kwee: Mixed Media Visualizations in Digital Analyses of Architectural Works: Applicable Lessons for the Arthur and Yvonne Body Education Centre Analysis Case Study
  • CAADRIA 2004: Seoul [Kr]
    • Chyi-Gang Kuo: Mobile Augemented Reality for Spatial Information Exploration
    • Jaeho Ryu: Multi Projection Display System D-Vision for Architectural Design Evaluation
  1. Young CAADRIA Award
  • CAADRIA 2015: Daegu [KR]
    • Serdar Aydin, Chinese University of Hong Kong, China
    • Daekwon Park, Harvard University, USA
    • Jaclyn Kayen Sun, University of Melbourne, Australia
    • Yi-Sin Wu, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Taiwan
    • Hua Chai, Tongiji University, China
    • Wendy W Fok, Harvard University, USA
  • CAADRIA 2014: Kyoto [JP]
    • Chian Eugene(National University of Singapore, Singapore)
    • Lezhi Li (Nanjing University, China)
    • Madeline Gannon (Carnegie Mellon University, USA)
    • Mani Williams (RMIT University, Australia)
    • Rongrong Yu (University of New Castle, Australia)
    • Sibel Yasemin Özgan (Istanbul Technical University, Turkey)
    • Yuki Kobayashi (Kyoto University, Japan)
  • CAADRIA 2013: Singapore [SG]
    Dai Qun, Carol | Eduardo De Oliveira Barata | Faysal Kabir Shuvo | Felix Raspall | Hannah Christopher | Kian Wee Chen | Onur Yuce Gun | Sun Lei
  • CAADRIA 2012: Chennai [IN]
    Deborah Benros | Kody Kato | Chin Koi Khoo | Jieun Park | Ioanna Symeonidou
  • CAADRIA 2011: Newcastle [AU]
    Bianca Toth | Daniel Davis | Nguyen Thi Lan Truc | Joshua Harle | Ruwan Fernando
  • CAADRIA 2010: Hong Kong [SAR]
    Benay Gursoy | Paulina Neisch | Anbukarasi P. | FENG Chen | Jennifer R. Chellappa | Maryam M. Maleki | Danilo Di Mascio | Hao Hua | Bianca Toth | Liao, Hsiu-Ting
  • CAADRIA 2009: Yulin [TW]
    Han Feng | Chi-Fu Hsiao | Takayuki Kawaguchi | Ching-Jung Lin | Rita M. Khare | Hafizur Rahaman | Vinu Subashini R | Nan-Ching Tai | Chung-Yang Wang | Yen-Liang Wu | Yasuyo Yoshikawa
  • CAADRIA 2008: Chiang Mai [TH]
    Ben Coorey | Leman Gul | Chumporn Moorapun | Yeonjoo Oh | Cheng-An Pan | Jae Wan Park
  • CAADRIA 2007: Nanjing [CN]
    Neri Oxman | Vishal Singh | Theodore Dounas | Kalliopi Maravelea | Tian-Chiu Li | Yuan-Bang Cheng | Chen Liang | Yue Kui
  • CAADRIA 2006: Kumamoto [JP]
    Zuzanna Ulnalska | Chor-Kheng Lim | Wang-Ning Wu | Swathika Anandan | Sergio Araya | Bauni Hamid | Kenfield Griffith | Richard Dank
  • CAADRIA 2005: New Delhi [IN]
    AQM Abdullah | Chuang-Ting Chang | Julie Jupp | Weidong Li | Kuhn Raymond Park | Daniel Lim Shihao | Ravi S. Srinivasan | Jaeho Ryu | Sumbul ahmad | Kuan Kam sing | Mohamed bouattour
  • CAADRIA 2004: Seoul [Kr]
    Pak San LIEW | Wei Feng Hong | Piyaboon Nilaew | Jerry Jen-Hung Tsai | Monchai Bunyavipakul | Chor-Kheng Lim | Jaeho Ryu | Tsung-Hsien Wang | Ju-Hung Lan | Shang Yuan Chen


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