Call for Nominations: CAADRIA 2020 Elections

  • Submission deadline: July 18th 2020
  • Submit your nominations or enquiries by email to :

Dear CAADRIA member,

I am writing to you because, as a registered participant at the CAADRIA 2020 conference, you are eligible to participate in CAADRIA’s self-government. CAADRIA is a volunteer, non-profit association run by and for its members. Please channel some of your energy and creativity into this association which, as you surely know, is a worthwhile one.

The positions of the President, Secretary, Treasurer and Membership officer are coming becoming vacant in August, at this year’s CAADRIA 2020 in Bangkok, and I invite you to offer yourself or nominate others.

The president, secretary, treasurer, and membership officer are four key members of ADCO(Administrative Council) and EXCO (Executive Committee), and are elected by the membership to organize, administer, and guide the association. Given these responsibilities, it is best for nominees to have knowledge of the association and relevant experience. You can find more details at:

The term for these positions is 2 years. Nominees must be CAADRIA members in good standing and must be working in the Asia-Pacific region. Nominees need to prepare and submit a brief candidate statement. A list of potential candidates will be posted on our website (with a statement of what they propose to do for CAADRIA) for the election.

So if you would like to nominate someone or nominate yourself, please send in the brief nomination statement to the Election officer(, in reply to this email, no later than 18 July 2020.

Looking forward to hearing from you by e-mail.

Hyunsoo Lee
Election officer 2020
CAADRIA Immediate Past President
Professor, Yonsei University, Korea