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CAADRIA Officer Role Descriptions

ADCO (Administrative Committee) Officers are elected by the CAADRIA membership as defined in CAADRIA’s charter and registered in Hong Kong by name as soon as officer roles change. Additional officer roles (forming a larger EXCO Executive Committee) are appointed by the president as required to advise and support ADCO. Terms for Officers are two years, with each officer serving a maximum of two consecutive terms in a role. All CAADRIA officers are volunteers who are not financially compensated by CAADRIA. Office holders who cannot attend one conference receive a one off free membership year to be able to continue their CAADRIA Officer roles. One of the registered Officers must reside in HKG to fulfil the association rules of HKG.

President (ADCO)

An experienced member of the CAADRIA community who has served at least two terms as part of EXCO and / or other CAADRIA officer roles. Responsible for coordinating all aspects of the association in close coordination with other EXCO members, including:

Liaising with hosts as well as sister organisations, supporting the annual conference teams, seeking contact to new potential hosts in collaboration with other EXCO officers, maintaining best practice in research, further developing of the association in the spirit of its charter, fostering new initiatives and next generation CAADRIAns.

Secretary (ADCO)

Supports the President by creating and managing documents, minutes for EXCO meeting, acts as the chair of the AGM, etc. Manages the CAADRIA website together with the Web Master. Seeks new future hosts by collaborating with president and organization officer

Treasurer (ADCO)

The treasurer takes care of financial matters of the association. The Treasurer must have access to international online payment systems such as PayPal.

Administrative Officer (EXCO)

Maintains CAADRIA records, keeps track of best practices and keeps the Association’s official documents up to date, advises EXCO on best practice

Awards/Scholarships Committee Chair (EXCO)

Organises commitees and manages decision making process for Young CAADRIA, best paper and best publication at each conference in collaboration with the PSC Chair and the President.

Communication Officer (EXCO)

The Communication Officer keeps the membership informed relevant news and announcements related to CAADRIA as well as to CAAD research and education more generally, typically by maintaining the CAADRIA mailing-list.

Elections Officer (EXCO)

Calls for nominations and organises elections of EXCO members as required.

Fellows (EXCO)

Senior CAADRIA members in good standing (typically former presidents) who advise, mentor, and support Caadria on any issues. CAADRIA Fellows see to CAADRIA maintaining consistent development in the spirit of its founding charter and maintain institutional knowledge.

Host (immediate future)

Hosts and organises the immediate next conference. Liaises with the relevant CAADRIA officers and receives support from CAADRIA officers to execute all items for hosting.

Host (immediate past)

Liaises with CAADRIA officers and the future host to pass on experiences, expertise and relevant info following the conference.

Immediate Past President

Advises the current president and may take up an Officer role in case of unforeseen incidents, as invited by the current president.

Membership Officer (EXCO)

The Membership Officer takes care of CAADRIA membership questions and prospective sponsors, collaborating with the Outreach Officer for this purpose. Receives conference participant emails from latest host and updates the CAADRIA membership list in collaboration with the Communications Officer.

Outreach Officer (EXCO)

The Outreach Officer’s job centers on public relations to raise interest in CAADRIA and make the association more visible. In collaboration with other officers, looks for potential sponsors. In charge of CAADRIA related SNS (Facebook, WeChat,,,).

Organisation Officer (EXCO)

Initiates and assists CAADRIA initiatives.

Paper Selection Committee Chair (EXCO)

Manages and organises a dedicated Paper Selection Committee, in close collaboration with the CAADRIA conference host. The PSC Chair works closely with the president and publication officer for a rigorous reviewing process and follow-up journal issues. Ideally, the PSC Chair has been part of a previous PSC. The PSC chair advises the incoming PSC chair. The term of the PSC Chair is one year.

Postgraduate Student Consortium (PGSC) Chair

Manages and organises the annual PGSC in collaboration with the conference host. Advises the ADCO on matters of postgraduate students’ interests.

Publications Officer (EXCO)

Work on questions of publication quality, indexing in major scientific indexes, maintaining record of ISBN numbers for CAADRIA annual proceedings. In collaboration with the President, nominates and assembles editorial teams for CAADRIA related special issues and liaises with publishers (Elsevier, Springer, etc).

Web Master (EXCO)

The Web Master is responsible for the hosting, domain name and website maintenance, also keeps check on payment of website related dues. Renewal of website design in collaboration with the CAADRIA Secretary.